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Hatik (born November 26, 1992) is a French rapper and actor from Guyancourt, Yvelines, He was known by his musical project Chaise pliante starting 2018,His biggest hit to date is “Angela” which got more than 106 million views on YouTube, currently, he has racked up over 315 million views on his YouTube channel., In 2020 he obtained a leading role of Apash in the French TV series Validé broadcast on Canal+.


Hatik’s Profile

Hatik Biography

Name: Clément Daniel Maxime Penhoat
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: November 26, 1992 (30 ans)
Net Worth: USD $120,000
Height: 1.65m
Nationality: France
State Of Origin: Guyancourt, Yvelines.


Hatik Net Worth

Hatik is one of the most richest french rapper with an estimate net worth of $120,000 as of 2022.


Hatik Age

Hatik  (Clément Daniel Maxime Penhoat) was born in Chevreuse, France on november 26, 1992 (30 years old).


Hatik Songs

  • Angela (2020)
  • Ali (2020)
  • 1,2,3 (with Amel Bent)
  • Waï (2021)
  • Paradise (with Sam’s)


Hatik Albums

  • America 2 – Connaissance et style (2014)
  • Chaise pliante (2019)
  • Chaise pliante II (2019)
  • Vague à l’âme (2021)
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