Khloe Gram Biography

Khloe Gram (TikTok) Biography, Net Worth, Age, Instagram

Khloe gram (Born 23 May, 2002) is a Nigerian Popular TikTok Video creator and Fashion Model, She rose to prominence during the covid lockdown period, Khloe was best knowed for her Dance Video Performance And Freestyles on the popular video creation app “TikTok” And she has a net worth of USD $7,000 – USD$12,000.


Khloe Gram Biography

Khloe Gram
khloe gram
Name: Khloe Gram
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years
Net Worth: USD$7,000 – USD$12,000
Height: 1.7m
Nationality: Nigeria
Height: 5 feets
Profession: Tiktok Video Creator
Instagram: @khloes_gram


Khloe Gram is a popular tik tok star that got knowned for her video creation performance, she took her time during the lockdown period in year 2020 to build up herself and folllow her passion in Dancing which led her to Making Tiktok Video Content.

Khloe Gram

She Was Born on May, 2002 in Lagos, Khloe has accmulated alot of follower on tiktok, As of recent, The Spakng Team took to her page to checkup on her followers, She has a total of 760k fan & followers.

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Khloe Gram Net Worth

Kloe Gram has been one the most richest tiktok video creator in nigeria, she has a whoopty net worth of $7,000 – $12,000 As of year 2022.


Khloe Gram Age

Khloe gram leaved and grew up with her mother and her father in lagos, she was born on 23rd May, 2002.

Khloe Gram

Khloe Gram Instagram

  • Instagram: @khloes_gram



How Old Is Khloe Gram

She is 20 years old.

Khloe Gram’s Age

She was born 23 May, 2002 (20 years old).

Khloe Gram Instagram

Khloe handle on instagram is @khloes_gram.


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